EW 2016 Best Paper Awards

Best Paper Awards for European Wireless Conference 2016 were handed in the Banquet Dinner Event on 19 May to:

Joint In-Band Backhauling and Interference Mitigation in 5G
Heterogeneous Networks
by: Trung Kien Vu; Mehdi Bennis; Sumudu Samarakoon; Mérouane Debbah;
Matti Latva-aho
SCORE: 4.3

Adaptive OQAM-OFDM transmission with MAP-based modulation
classification in TDD systems
by: Lars Haering
SCORE: 4.3Energy and Spatial Spectral Efficiency Analysis of Random MIMO Cellular Networks
by: Atieh Rajabi Khamesi; Bin Yang; Ge Xiaohu; Michele Zorzi
SCORE: 4.2